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Supermercados Morelos Especiales  Chicken green Pozole: Step-by-step recipe

Chicken green Pozole: Step-by-step recipe

Recipe Video
Supermercados Morelos Especiales Perfect Carne Asada

Perfect Carne Asada

The perfect carne asada doesn't exist... Of course, it does! 

how to make the perfect carne asada?

First, choose quality meat, and the video¡

Carne asada: how to prepare it?
Supermercados Morelos Especiales Meat Market

Meat Market

Discover the authentic taste of tradition at our butcher shop.

Here, you'll find taco meat ranging from pork for tamales to ingredients

like cabeza, lengua, tripa, suadero, chorizo, fajita, buche, labio, and carne asada.

Celebrate the holidays the right way! Happy holidays

Tacos Mix

Special Offers for this Summer: Savings for Your Home

Do you have everything ready for the Carnita Asada? 

Come and take advantage of our Specials!

Supermercados Morelos offers a variety of quality latin products at the best price, you can save more.

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From Jul 25th to August 7th
Promocion Especiales

Fresh and great Quality

We have a wide variety of meat products.

Fresh and great Quality


Wide variety of local and hispanic products.


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Green chicken pozole recipe - includes video | Cooking with Tana

Get ready to savor an authentic green chicken pozole in the comfort of your home! In this video, we'll show you step by step how to prepare this delicious Mexican recipe, full of vibrant flavors and irresistible aromas. From the tender chicken to the green broth with that spicy touch, we'll teach you all the secrets so you can enjoy a spectacular p...