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Seafood soup

$ 11.99


Tamals con raja

3 Tamales with raja, rice and beans.

$ 7.99

Torta de camaron

3 shrimp cakes, along with rice and beans

$ 9.99



1pz de capirotada

$ 3.99


Fish Steak

Fish fillet with rice and beans

$ 9.99


Fried Mojarra

Fried Mojarra with rice and beans

$ 11.99



Salty or sweet?

There is a type of tamale for every type of person. There is a great variety of tamales that can be filled with meat, pork, vegetables, chili, fruits, sauces, salty or sweet. It is a traditional dish dedicated to celebrate.

Visit our ready to eat area and let the tradition live! 


Perfect Carne Asada

The perfect carne asada doesn't exist... Of course, it does! 

how to make the perfect carne asada?

First, choose quality meat, and the video¡

Carne asada: how to prepare it?

Enjoy your tacos your way

What type of taco is your favorite?

Come to our Morelos restaurant area and try our traditional Mexican tacos made with corn tortillas, and choose the type of taco you like the most and add your favorite sauce♥

Tacos Mix


Come and take advantage of our Specials!

Supermercados Morelos offers a variety of quality products at the best price, you can save more.

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March 22 - April 05

Special Menu for Lent

Live Lent as a Family


Wide variety of local and hispanic products.

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How to make Atole de Guayaba - Easy & short recipe (with video)

Make this delicious guava atole  and enjoy, hot drink any day of the week. Creamy and sweet, this guava atole is perfect to serve with your favorite tamales recipe(you can see the recipe here). Ingredients: Whole milk  Sugar Cinnamon Cornflour dough-flour Water Guava or guava puree DIRECTIONS: Mix milk, sugar,  and... Read More

pork tamales in red sauce recipe (with video)

Today we are going to prepare some delicious pork tamales in red sauce, and if something is not clear to you, you can follow the step by step with the video Ingredients 3lb of pork for tamales 1 packet of paste 1 package of leaves for tamales 1 head of garlic 1 onion 2lbs of butter 5 red tomatoes 3 ancho pasilla chiles 10 guajillo chile... Read More