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Refreshing Tamarind Water Recipe: Easy & Delicious

Hey, it's time to chill with a delicious and easy-to-make drink! This drink is very popular in Latin countries and it's made with tamarind pulp, sugar, and water. Here's the recipe to make it at home.




  • 1 bag of dried tamarind
  • 1 liter of water
  • Sugar and ice to taste

Steps to follow:

  1. Soak the tamarind pulp in a cup of hot water for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally until the pulp softens.
  2. Mash the pulp with a masher and strain it to remove the seeds or shells.
  3. If you have a lot of fiber left, you can soak it again in water to get more flavor and fiber from the fruit, and then strain it again.
  4. Mix all the water, ice, and sugar to taste and stir well.
  5. Enjoy the refreshing taste of tamarind water!


  • If you can't find fresh tamarind pulp, you can use frozen pulp that you can find in any of the 10 branches of Supermercados Morelos.
  • You can also add a little lemon or mint to give the drink a fresh touch.

That's it! Now you know how to make tamarind water at home. Enjoy it anytime of the day and share it with friends and family!

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